The City of Ghosts

  • Languages: Cygnaran, Llaelese, Ordic, Rhulic, Khadoran, Sulese
  • Government: Oligarchy
  • Population: 100,000
  • Coinage: Crowns

Corvis is a city built at the confluence of two rivers. Also known as a “swamp”. The city is over a millenium old. In that time, parts of it have sunk into the swamp, becoming the Undercity. This is the realm of criminals but there are also tales of very dark and sinister things living in the Undercity.

The city has built up, hemmed in by the swamp and the Widowers Wood. The level above the Undercity is Old Corvis. New Corvis is built on top of that. In general, the higher up your house and/or shop, the wealthier you are. The middle class mostly resides in Old Corvis. The city’s structures are interconnected with ramps, bridges, canals and tunnels.

Corvis is also called the “City of Ghosts”. In 1200 years, a lot of people have lived and died in Corvis. And not all the dead rest easy.

Armourers Bourg
Almost a dozen weapon and armor smiths will compete for your gold in these narrow streets. The few shops that repair steamjacks can be found here as well.

  • Badock’s Blades – Run by Hamil Bodak, Bodak’s Blade is a full-service armor and weapons establishment. It’s also a place where someone can go to hire muscle.
  • Jeweler’s Alley – These merchants are tucked away in the spires of the southern city. Moneychangers and moneylenders are also here. The area, is mostly nouveau riche looking to live near the older monied and titled families, but it is also home to a great many immigrants.
  • Pitt’s Pistols – Angmar Pitt’s is recognized as the premier gunsmith in Corvis, with prices that reflect his status.

Grocers Bourg
This bourg is home to the finest foodstuffs outside Caspia. Salted meats and hardtack for the thrifty can be found as well.

Industrial Bourg

  • Cathedral of Morrow – Father Dumas leads the Morrowan faithful of Corvis from this grand structure.
  • Engines East – Catering to the city’s jack operators, Engines East is owned and operated by Rhulfolk Gamack Redhammer.

Merchant’s Bourg
This is a catch-all district where merchants of various sorts have gathered over the years. Technically, the Quad is part of this bourg.

  • Garworth’s – Known as the finest arcana emporiums in the city, it is owned and operated by Burrman Garworth, a formidable arcanist and a member of the local Fraternal Order of Wizardry.

The Quad
The center of the city is a large cobblestone clearing over 100 yards on a side. The Quad is usually packed with merchants, and it is a popular spot for both tourists and natives of Corvis. Many of the river merchants will set up shop here for a few days before moving on, so there is always something new to see.

The docks and warehouses used by the merchants are in what is undeniably the worst part of the surface city. Despite the best efforts of the watch, the waterfront is nothing but trouble. This area stretches a mile long, and is packed with wagons, laborjacks, carriages, and foot traffic trying to get around a constant blockade of goods in crates, bundles, and bales waiting for loading or off-loading from the ships that are always crowding the wharves.

Crime & Punishment


  • Black Hand – A well-organized gang of thugs and enforcers who operate out of the southeast.
  • Caravaners Guild – Though less powerful than the Merchants Guild, the Caravaners still exercise considering power and influence.
  • Church of Morrow – Defacto official religion of Corvis, centered in the Cathedral of Morrow with various churches and shrines throughout the city.
  • Corvis City Watch – The capable and compotent city watch enforces harsh, swift justice.
  • Fraternal Order of Wizardry – Perhaps the oldest organization in Corvis, the Fraternal Order only allows the entrance of will weavers and is highly secretive.
  • The Gertans – Once a formidable crime family, the Gertans still remain a threat with a vast network of connections.
  • Griffons – A leaderless and constantly infighting gang headquartered in the northwest of the city.
  • Merchants Guild – Weilding vast political and economic power, the Merchants Guild is easily the most powerful organization in Corvis.
  • Order of the Golden Crucible – An arcane order noted for their alchemical mastery, particularly their monopoly on production and sale of black powder.
  • Steam and Iron Workers Union, Chapter #18SIWU Local #18 represents the largest labor union in Corvis.

Local Legends

  • The Undercity – The swamp has swallowed many of Corvis’ original buildings. The Undercity, as the locals call it, is a treacherous subterranean maze. Many of these passageways are ancient buildings and streets entombed in the damp earth. Others are natural passages or recent excavations by the inhabitants. As sections have begun to sink, citizens will often take exhaustive measures to shore up walls and prevent water from seeping inside the buildings, allowing them to persist underground. Some sections seem to hold together of their own accord, preserved by what the locals consider to be unnatural forces.

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