’jacks – Slang term for steamjacks.

alchemist – While not a will weaver or focuser, alchemists produce effects no lesser then spells through their potions, salves, and grenades.

arcanist – A nebulous term for persons involved in some field of arcane study, including alchemists, arcane mechaniks, elementalists, gun mages, priests, warcasters, etc.

bodge – To quickly repair a ’jack mid-battle.

bodger – A slang term for someone who bodges ’jacks. Typically a derogatory term, especially referring to gobber bodgers.

Caen – The physical world.

dwarves – The Rhulic dwarves are a stout, sturdy race of people who live by democracy and produce heavily sought-after crafts.

elementalists – An arcanist who specializes in elemental powers, such as fire or lightning.

elves – An elegant yet chaotic race of fair people who come in two varieties – Iosan and Nyss.

field marshal – A non-warcaster who commands a ’jack through command words and phrases. Also called a ’jack marshall.

focuser – An arcanist who draws power from the world around him.

gobber – A diminutive race of green-skinned people possessing natural curiosity and talent for creating and repairing mechanikal devices.

gun mage – An arcanist who channels power through specially scribed runes on bullets.

humans – The most populous race of Western Immoren, until a few centuries ago humans were enslaved by the Ogruth but escaped the yolk by creating the colossal ’jacks to push them out of their homelands.

Immoren – A continent of Caen where the Iron Kingdoms are located.

Iosan elves – A fair but secretive, paranoid race who have isolated themselves.

laborjacks – ’jacks designed for manual labor.

mechanik – A person skilled in the creation and repair of mechanika, who may or may not possess talent as a will weaver.

mechanika – A device that incorporates steam-powered technology and/or magic.

Nyss elves – Decimated by the dragonblight in their homelands, the blue-skinned Nyss elves are a race facing potential exstinction.

Orgoth – A mysterious conquers from across the sea who until a few centuries ago ruled Western Immoren.

ogrun – A race of very large people with olivine skintone and slight tusks, possessing incredible strength and ferocity.

priest – A nebulous term for those who hear the call of their dieties to lead men to their faith. They are sometimes granted arcane power by their god.

Rhulfolk – A term for dwarves.

steamjacks – Large, mechanikal constructs of humanoid design. Two varieties are available – laborjacks and warjacks.

trollkin – A race of large, sturdy blue-skinned people with a strong natural vitality and who can quickly regenerate wounds.

The Twins – Collective term for Morrow and Thamar.

Urcaen – The spiritual world; realm of the afterlife.

War of Souls – Describes the gods’ struggle for mortal souls to fuel their battles in Urcaen.

warcaster – An arcanist who channels arcane power through bonded weapons, armor, and ’jacks in addition to spell casting. All warcasters are focusers.

warjacks – ’jacks designed as unstoppable engines of war.

will weaver – An arcanist who draws power from within.

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