Morrow Thamar

The Twins

Humans in the Iron Kingdoms have two main patron deities. The prophet Morrow is the lord of goodness and light, and is worshipped by most humans. His fraternal twin sister Thamar is the patron of the selfish and wicked. The two started out as ordinary humans, thousands of years ago, but they came to believe that any person could improve their lot in life almost without end. After a long, hard path, they ascended into divinity and enlightenment, sacrificing their physical bodies so that they could walk the earth in spirit, providing guidance to those who needed it. The twins’ journey is recorded in the weighty Enkheiridion of Ascension, the primary religious text of the Iron Kingdoms.

Sadly, the siblings fought near the end of their journey, and their paths diverged. Morrow chose the path of selflessness, deciding to guide and protect Men in their journey through life, nudging them to the path of virtue and self-improvement that he discovered. Thamar chose to guide Men in a different way. She is the whisperer in shadows, always urging people to take the quick and easy path, to maximize their short-term earthly gains and pleasures regardless of the consequences.

It is said that every human at some point has to make a choice between the two paths – that Morrow and Thamar eventually visit everyone and secretly test them. “The Volition,” as the trial is called, takes the form of a moral dilemma, usually early in life. Few people can pinpoint when their Volition was, for the gods are subtle and clever, never showing themselves directly. The rare individuals that can clearly see the test and the gods before them are blessed, and almost always become clerics or paladins.

Priests of Morrow and Thamar can be of any good or evil alignment, respectively. They attempt to emulate their patron’s lives, often traveling in their footsteps and attempting the same trials the twins undertook so long ago. Those that succeed become saintly beings who Ascend to take their place at Morrow or Thamar’s side. These Ascendants (good) and Scions (evil) are very rare; only a score of people have ever Ascended to either god’s side. Each Ascended are powerful entities in their own right, with their own philosophy and sphere of influence.

While the Church of Morrow has a very formal structure and rich history, the worship of Thamar is a solitary thing. Rarely will one see so much as a shrine in her name, and her priests are secretive. However, almost all of the humans in the Iron Kingdoms are strong believers in the central teaching of both siblings – you create your own destiny, and your lot in life is not fixed at birth.

Ascendants of Morrow
The following lists all the current Ascendants which serve as Morrow’s most powerful divine servants and serve as patrons for those who worship the god. Having a patron Ascendant is common both for priests as well as pious laymen.

Name Patron of…
| Asc. Angellia
History, Lore and Knowledge
Asc. Corben Alchemy, Astronomy, and Wizardry
Asc. Doleth Sailors and Fishermen
| Asc. Ellena
Travelers and Adventurers
| Asc. Gordenn
Farmers and Family
| Asc. Katrena
Valor, Knighthood & Paladins
| Asc. Markus
Soldiers & Town Guards
| Asc. Rowan
Downtrodden & Champion of the Poor
| Asc. Sambert
Smiths, Stonemasons and Carpenters
| Asc. Shevann
Merchants & Bankers
| Asc. Solovin
Healers, Battle-Chaplains & Midwives

Scions of Thamar
The following lists all the current Scions which serve as Thamar’s most powerful divine servants and serve as patrons for those who worship the goddess. Having a patron Scion is common both for evil clerics as well as superstitious criminals.

Name Patron of…
| Sc. Aidan
Grave-Robbers, Treasure Seekers and Adventurers
| Sc. Bolis
Gamblers, Smugglers & Evil Merchants
| Sc. Delesle
Necromancy and Death
| Sc. Drayce
Thieves & Corrupt Leaders
| Sc. Ekris
Infernalists, Diviners and Tyrants
| Sc. Khorva
Patron of Assassins, Murderers, Thugs and Enforcer
| Sc. Lukas
Madmen, Rapists & the Depraved
| Sc. Nivara
Wizards & Sorcerers
| Sc. Roth
Soldiers, Mercenaries and Bandits
| Sc. Stacia
Evokers, Arson, Champion of Female Wizardry

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