The Greylords Covenant

Chilling Sorcerers of the Khador Empire

Patriotism to Khador is paramount to The Greylords Covenant. Anyone showing talent required to command arcane power may gain entry with sponsorship. Despite this rule, even the occasional less privilaged have managed to gain entry and acceptance in this paramilitary order. Unlike the Fraternal Order, the Greylords do not discriminate based on sex or race, all they ask is for an undying loyalty to Khador.

Today the Greylords Covenant has chapter houses in all of Kjador’s major cities, including a number of private holdings, as well as a central headquarters in Korsk. The Greylords are the mystical vanguard of Khador. Battle magic, with a strong penchant for cold and ice-based spells and artifice, seem to be the primary focus on their teachings. The Covenant relies on funds from the royal coffers and private sponsorship by noble patrons. Of recent note, the Greylords have established a special branch to investigate the smuggling of cortexes to the Protectoratet of Menoth with the mission to hunt down and root out any connection between the Menite Old Faith in Khador and the Protectorate’s Hierarch.

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The Greylords Covenant

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